About Us

Centurion Network International (a 501C3 organization) represents a ministry organization and brotherhood dedicated to reaching the warrior heart. The name Centurion honors the Centurion in Luke Chapter 7." The Centurion had such faith in Jesus Christ that it saved his servant's life.This caused Jesus to marvel saying I have not found such great faith,not even in Isreal!"

The mission of the Centurions is to share the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ with all warriors who have been called to "bear the sword", and to specifically disciple them according to how God has called and equipped them, and to serve this brotherhood.

Those God have called to serve in this manner are just different. Please see “10 Reasons Why Cops and Soldiers are Different.”

Who will reach and minister to these men according to how God has uniquely called and equipped them?

We will.!!!

Goals & Objectives:

  • Local, Regional & National Gatherings.
  • Ministry Teaching Events for First Responders & Military Leadership .
  • Teaching Events for Ministry Leaders .
  • Teaching Seminars to Develop Small Geographical Units (Groups).
  • Multi-Media Emphasis Through Video, Music & Other Resources.
  • Global Networking: Web-Enabled Sites, Portals and Secure Technologies.
  • Gods Deliverance in Battle...

Services Offered By CENTURION:

  • Counseling Ministry for Stress, Combat & Conflict Vets.
  • Family Crisis Advocacy for Victims & Families.

World Wide:

  • Short & Long-Term Missions / Special Assignments .
  • Professional & Special Training Developed By Members.
  • Investigations / Protection within Scope of Church Events, Crisis, etc.